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Buy safely and sell more quickly NOW!

We understand how important it is to know and trust who you're talking to when buying or selling.
So we've partnered with the identity app Yoti to help you do this.

Buyers can check the identity of sellers to help stay safe from scams and fraud. Sellers can get a verified badge on ALL ads to double enquiries. The best thing is…it’s easy and totally FREE!

Follow these simple instructions to get set up

If you are browsing or buying

If you are selling

Still have questions?

What is Yoti?

Yoti is your ID, on your phone. You will be able to use it to prove who you are to organisations, share your details with other people and log into websites without usernames or passwords

Is there a cost for using this?

Your Yoti is free to download and create, and information sharing is free for individuals.

Is Yoti secure?

Yoti is a security company at heart and data protection is everything to us. When you create your Yoti, we take the information you've given us, heavily encrypt it, then store it separately. Your face, name, age - all stored in separate areas with a unique security code. For more information, visit